In ever professional dog groomers cabinet you will find a selection of different lotions, potions and regular products that they tend to use time after time. Ensuring you have everything at hand at all times, is essential to running a successful grooming business. We have put together a list of 12 grooming essentials that every groomer will need from time to time. These are not listed in popularity, but come from a list of regular products our customers order from us.


  1. Blades Easi Oil Spray for keeping your clipper blades and scissors maintained and lubricated.
  2. Hatchwells Trimmex for those moments when you make take off too much claw. Stops the bleeding.
  3. Blades Ice care Spray for cleaning and disinfecting scissors and clipper blades.
  4. Diamond Dog Anti-Tangle Spray for those hard to remove knots and tangles.
  5. Andis Blade Drive Assembly. The essential part that keeps your clipper running smoothly.
  6. Andis 7F Clipper Blade. The most popular size blade in the Andis offering.
  7. Blades Candy Floss 7″ Scissor great for trimming legs and smaller dogs.
  8. Noir Single Head Flexi Slicker. Ideal for removing all those hard to reach knots and tangles.
  9. Wahl Arco blade. If your Arco rolls off the grooming table, be sure to have a replacement blade at hand, as it may not survive the drop.
  10. Wahl Attachment Combs Blue & Peach. The two most popular replacement combs that can be bought individually.
  11. Roseline Single Edge Thinner 82551. The ideal thinner for the grooming student or the established stylist.
  12. Noir Combi Comb – Fine/Medium. Great for all types of coats.