The dog grooming scissor is an extension to your arm, so it’s is vitally important to ensure you choose the correct scissor for feel, weight, balance and performance. To help you choose the perfect scissor for your role, we have listed a few things that you’ll need to consider first.

  1. Getting the right handle
    With so many scissors available in the market place it can be a mind field. When choosing the correct handle (shank) always consider your hands and any issues that you may suffer with e.g. Carpal Tunnel. The handles to stay well clear of are the opposing handles that have the thumb and finger hole directly opposite each other. These strain your thumb and cause your elbow to rise. Offset handles have a short thumb side so you don’t have to pull your thumb back as far, but it will still cause you to raise your elbow. Crane handles are offset and can provide comfort when scissoring as they reduce the thumb pressure, allowing your elbow to drop and relieve discomfort on your shoulder and back.
  2. There is no one size that fits all
    When choosing your scissor make sure the scissor fits your hand perfectly. So many groomers use scissors whereby their thumb is forever sliding through the thumb hole. If necessary build up the thumb hole with finger inserts or a plaster wrapped around one side of the hole. Your thumb should only just be resting inside of the hole and if you are finding the ring is sliding down to the base of your nail, you need to correct, otherwise this will put strain on your hand.
  3. Think about what breed of dogs your scissor the most
    Are you spending a lot of your day scissoring woolly breeds like Cockerpoos? A scissor with a wide blade can save you time and effort and will produce a much better finish. Does your scissoring leave lines in the coat? Then maybe it’s time to consider a chunker.
  4. Know the difference between the scissor blades
    What type of blade are you looking for a bevel, convex or semi convex ? When starting out as a student we would always recommend a bevel edged scissor as the cutting blade with it’s serration will help to hold the coat and give you more confidence. A groomer that is established within their cutting action would be best suited to a semi convex or a convex as this blade will give you the smoothest, softest cut.
  5. Buy from a reputable company
    With so many companies selling scissors these days, many of them do not have the knowledge to advise which scissor would suit your needs. Buying off the internet from online stores is risky as they may not be there for when you need your scissors servicing. Also, high prices does not mean better quality. If the scissor is priced highly, check out features like the tensioning and finger rest.


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