Jillian Scott

Better known as the “Clipper Queen”, Jillian is a renowned horse groomer world wide, for her creative clipping styles. Jillian has won numerous grooming competitions and has been featured in the Daily Mail, on the BBC “The One Show ” and German TV.
Jillian first discovered the benefits of wearing the Clipit suit when it was first launched in 2016. Jillian says ” its the best piece of equipment I have in my clipping kit, could not do the job without it”. Blades are privileged to have Jillian as a Ambassador.

Lisa Edmed

Lisa and her team of horse barbers, clip over 650 horses a year throughout Kent and neighbouring counties. Her reputation for being patient, calm and reliable is widely recognised for top winning show ponies and horses.

Many of Lisa’s clients can be seen at County Shows, Horse of the Year and the Royal International Horse Show. Lisa has been a advocate for Blades Services for the past two years, and we are very proud to have her as an Ambassador for our business.



Addie Goff

Addie not only offers horse clipping, but she is also a dog groomer in the county of Norfolk. Turning out superb work is high on Addie’s agenda. She prides herself to be patient and calm to those animals who may have a clipper phobia.

Addie discovered Blades Services and the Clipit suit only a year ago. She was so impressed with the results, she put herself forward to be an ambassador. We are very pleased to have Addie on board as Ambassador for our brand and look forward to working with her in the future.

Lydia Thomas
Lydia is an up and coming business woman who not only offers a specialist clipping service, but also mane and tail tidy’s plus other grooming services. Lydia is based just outside of Exeter and covers a wide area providing a totally professional, calm clipping service.

Lydia discovered Blades Services in 2017 and soon fell in love with the Clipit suit and our company, so much so she wanted to be our Ambassador. We are blessed to have Lydia on our team.