Do you feel you missed out at college learning about how to look after your equipment and what to do when a brand new clipper blade does not work? Paula Bryan with over 30 years’ experience is the MD for Blades Services has a wealth of knowledge covering various aspects of the grooming industry. Three years ago when she started her New business it was apparent that the grooming industry had a lack of understanding regarding their equipment and how to look after it appropriately. The Scissor and Clipper workshop was borne to promote better bio security within the salon, to provide an understanding on how a clipper blade works and to give valuable information on what scissors to buy and use.

The workshop is hugely beneficial to students and established groomers for continual development and training so you keep reaping the rewards within your business. The most influential part of the course is understanding more about sterilisation and maintenance of your equipment. When you send a member of your team to the workshop, it takes them to another level. It gives them so much knowledge to truly arm themselves with the skill sets to clip and scissor quicker due to equipment working more efficiently.

Without education you cannot move your business forward. Hilary Wyer from Upham Pet Clips believes “the equipment works better and quicker, I’m prolonging the life of my clipper, plus its saving me money on my sharpening, everyone should attend this workshop”

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