Learn to fix those annoying clipper blade issues with our simple trouble shooting, tips and hints for professional groomers. Simply scroll down to find your problem with a solution!





  • The blade is snagging and dragging? The tensioning of the top cutter to the sole plate is too tight. To release the tension, place a flat head screwdriver into the side of the blade spring and with a rocking action, gently take off the tension off so the top blade can move more freely.
  • My new blade that I have just taken out of the packet does not work? The cause to this will be tight tensioning. Follow steps as above.
  • My blades have just recently been sharpened but they don’t cut? If you send your sharpening to Blades Services we can guarantee our work, but if you find your blades still don’t work this can be caused to an overdue blade lever change on your clipper. The blade lever should be changed every 4-5 months
  • Are you clipping a dirty coat? It only takes a small particle of grit to get in between the top cutter and the sole plate to take the edge off your clipper blade, making them dull and blunt.
  • My blades get hot? The cause of this is down to a lack of oiling. Clipper blades should be oiled every 5 minutes while they are on the clipper. Use the Blades Easi Oil Spray that has been specifically designed not to put oil within the animals coat.
  • My blades are going rusty? Poor husbandry is the cause to blades going rusty, starting from the product you clean them with and the way they are stored. Use Blades Services Blade Wash to clean your blades, emersing them into the solution for 10 minutes. Allow to dry and then spray with Easi Oil. Place in an airtight container until there next use.

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