When choosing what type of scissor to purchase and knowing how the scissor is made, will help you decide what choice you make when buying new scissors.

More and more scissors are coming onto the market place, and as a groomer you need to know the difference between Convex, Semi Convex and Bevelled Edge shears.

The Convex edge is mainly available on high end scissors that have been hand made. This scissor produces a much smoother and precise cutting action. These scissors do require a great deal of care to include daily oiling. A good quality brand to look at when choosing a convex edge is Sensei. With 30 years of scissor excellence, they have produced one of the finest brands of scissors to come out of America. For more information on Sensei scissors please click here

The Semi Convex edge is a hybrid of the convex and bevelled edge. It has a narrower bevelled edge but does not have a true convex edge. Semi convex edges are sharper than bevelled edge shears. Scissor purchasing is an addiction and you can never have enough. Check out our Value range by clicking here These are great scissors for the money!

The Bevelled edge scissor is one of the oldest types of cutting blade. It is ideal for everyday cutting due to its durability and thickness of the edge. Most bevelled edge scissors have a serration along one blade to grip the hair as the scissor closes. They are a good choice if your scissoring technique is not yet advanced. To find out more information on Roseline scissors, please click here

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