Tensioning Clipper Blades


Do you find when you open up a new blade, it clips for about 30 seconds and then stops and the blade jams? Do you find your blade is leaving tram lines? Do you get your blades back from your sharpener to find they won’t cut?

Answer: The cause of your problem is with the tensioning of your blades.

In this video (click below and it will take you to Blades Services Facebook page) we show you how to release the tension on dog clipper blades. Watch carefully to see how we release the spring and in doing so will allow your blade to clip smoothly.

Word or warning!! If however you take off too much tension and the top cutter is moving loosely you will also find the blade will not cut. If you have any questions, please call Blades Services on 01635 299966.

Video Clip: please click on link

How to release the tension on your clipper blades