As a professional dog groomer making the right impression when your customer enters your salon is a must. There’s nothing worse greeting your customer looking like a Yeti ! You should be smartly dressed in a clean “fit for purpose grooming overall, as first impression counts!

The Clipit suit has been especially designed to be hard wearing and easy to work in, featuring a full length covered zip. The material is made from a breathable, lightweight nylon that is totally repellent to dog hair, making it the ideal garment to wear when blasting water and hair out. The high neckline protects you from the errant hairs that can collect down the front on the normal style V-neck shaped tops. With long elasticated sleeves this garment also protects your arms when clipping.

This stylish professional grooming suit with the Clipit logo has zipped legs, so it is easy to get in and out of and with the wide elasticated waist band allows you to move more freely giving you the feel like you are wearing a second skin. We have also included 6 pockets, perfect for keeping your tools to hand or even the odd dog treat!

It is easy to care for, washing at 30 degrees and then less than 10 minutes in a tumble dryer. Available in 4 great colours and 7 different sizes, the Clipit suit is the ideal dog grooming garment for looking professional, but at the same time offering you great protection against hair and dander. This is what one professional dog groomer had to say about it…..

“I am a dog groomer. I ordered the Clipit hair resistant suit from Blades Services and it arrived the next day. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It fits really well and is extremely comfortable to wear and doesn’t make you hot. I will definitely be ordering more” ALISON FIELDING, Pride and Groom, Notts.