Curly coats are very attractive, and are now becoming the most popular breeds that you see in a grooming salon. However with these and other double coated breeds comes the agonising decision whether to just clip the coat off or try to save it as the customer’s requirements.

Many of the cross breeds are long-coated with thick, wool type coats that form mats if neglected. They can be harder work than the individual pedigree breeds that produced them. Some of the coats “moult for England” as the saying goes, as well as forming mats under the front legs, behind the ears and at the back of the hind legs. Groomers often remark that when these crosses come in to the salon, they are absolutely matted from head to toe and they only way to take the coat of is to use a 10 or 7f blade.

The coat care of the pedigree or crossbreed needs careful consideration. The length and depth of coat growth means the dog will need daily brushing and combing, something that can be challenging when trying to explain to the owner.

Equipment needed: Slicker brush, medium comb, scissors and clippers

Bath in the Diamond Dog Quirky Curly Shampoo to help reduce knots and tangles. Apply the Diamond Dog Curly Cream Conditioner and allow the dog to stand in the product for a few minutes and massage into the skin and coat. Rinse and then apply the Diamond Dog Anti Tangle spray and then blow dry,  brushing the coat away from the body as you go.

Scissor the entire coat with a pair of finishing scissors if the coat is not matted and dense, failing that use a 7f or 5 blade on the body and blend legs with scissors to a tubular shape. The feet should be scissored to a tidy round finish.