As we are heading into February you will be starting to think about giving your horse its last clip of the season. For some, clipping is an all round yearly event, but for those who are more recreational riders now is the time to think about having your horse clipper serviced.

The worse thing you can do at the end of the clipping season is leave your clipper in a tack room until September when you want to clip again. A clipper can absorb a lot of hair which can sit on the motor and the armature and in a short period of time can start to deteriorate.

At Blades Services we can offer you a first class service for your clipper, and at no better time than now should you send your clipper in to us. During February we are offering you £10 off our normally horse clipper servicing price of £35.00. This February offer is only available via the post and cannot be paid for in advanced via our online shop.  

5 easy steps to get February Horse Clipper Service

  1. Pack your clipper and any blades that you wish to have sharpened at the same time into a padded envelope.
  2. Remember to include your details and telephone number. Click here to download an order form bladesorderfm
  3. Once the clipper is ready to be returned we will call you for your card details.
  4. Our servicing work will take about 48 hours.
  5. Return postage will cost £6.95.
  • This offer does not include parts and will be chargeable