In todays world of dog grooming, blade manufacturers are painting blades or using new techniques and new types of steel to help make them glide through the coat and keep heat down. When blades are used for an extended period of time the paint starts to flake off, and the heat is still an issue.

Since 2015 under my ownership of Blades Services, I have attended and lectured at many grooming colleges and events spreading the word about blade maintenance. To ensure your blades are looked after properly, after each dog they should be cleaned and sterilised. I am always amazed to hear the stories that groomers tell me about their maintenance routine. One groomer recently told me she only cleaned and oiled her blades on a Saturday!

Here is the technique that I would recommend you follow:

  • After each dog, lay your blades on an old towel and brush off the hair. Use the Blades Services Ice Care Spray and apply to the blade and with a stiff brush ensure you remove the blade plaque between the teeth.
  • Leave the blade to dry, which normally takes 1 minute.
  • Then use the Blades Services Easi Oil Spray and apply the product to the cutting teeth. Pop your blades into a sealed box or blade carrier ready for the next time.


Now the secret to helping your clipper blades fly through the coat is oil. Again with the Blades Easi Oil Spray apply to your blades while clipping every 5 – 10 minutes. The unique point this product has to offer, it does not leave a oily, greasy stripe through the animals coat like the old fashioned droplet oil would do.


For further clipper blade advice call 01635 299 966 and talk with Paula Bryan. If you also would like Paula Bryan to attend your college or event to provide a talk on clipper and scissor maintenance, please give us a call.