Andis UltraEdge Clipper Blade #5F


Finishing blade leaves the coat 6.3mm

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Andis ULTRAEDGE clipper blades come  in a huge range of sizes depending on the required length of coat you want to achieve. They are made of carburized steel which extends the life of the cutting edge and have a chrome finish that prevents rust.  The Andis brand has been established since 1922 and stands for quality offering a snap on mechanism1 that can be interchanged between Oster, Wahl, Heiniger and Aesculap Fav 5 clippers.
Size guide
The Andis UltraEdge #5F blade leaves the coat 6.3mm in length.
Offers a smooth even finish. Use the #5 skip tooth to take off the rough coat before bathing.

West Highland Whites, Poodles and Bedlington Terriers
Use the Blades Easi Oil Spray before, during and after clipping to keep the blades over heating.
Use the Blades Ice Care Spray for sterilising and cleaning after use.


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Weight .100 kg

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