Blades Care Pack


Purchase both the Ice Care Spray and Easi Oil Spray, and save 14% on purchasing separately


The Blades Care Pack includes a can of Easi Oil and Ice Care Spray, and is designed to provide you with efficient and effective cleaning and oiling regime concerning your clipper blades and scissors.

To sanitise and de-odorise your equipment use the Blades Ice care Spray which will quickly remove bacteria and odours, preventing bacterial contamination. Place your blades and equipment onto a towel, brush away the excess hair and spray all over, ensuring you clean between the blade teeth with a stiff brush to prevent a build up of blade plaque. Leave to dry for 30 seconds and then apply Easi Oil before storing away into a blade box. This product will leave a lasting clean fragrance with an ice cold touch. We recommend this product should be used to sterilise your equipment between clipping dogs and horses.

After sanitising your clipper blades use the Easi Oil Spray to apply a fine lubricant which can be used before, during and after clipping and scissoring. Easy and quick to apply providing a fast lubrication to keep clipper blades cool and to help prevent rusting. Unlike the droplet oil, this product does not leave a trace of oil within the animals coat. This spray is designed to help lengthen the period between sharpening and should be sprayed onto the blades every 8-10 minutes to prevent friction and heat.

Size: 2 x aerosol cans 400ml, instructions

Note: Cannot be shipped overseas

Additional information

Weight .800 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 7 cm

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