Clipper Blade Maintenance Kit

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A collection of essential maintenance products for your clipper blades


Blades Services have put together this essential maintenance kit to help you to prolong the life of your clipper blades through effective cleaning. The kit comes with all the instructions on how to look after your blades to prevent corrosion and rusting, but at the same time helping them to last as long as possible.

Kit Includes:
– Blade Wash, anti-rust solution to clean, sterilise and loosen grease and blade plaque.
– Ice Care Spray, to sterilise clipper blades between dogs to prevent cross contamination.
– Easi Oil Spray, to lubricate clipper blades every 5 minutes to stop blade friction and over heating. Does not put oil residue into the coat.
– Blade Wash Bath, airtight container designed to wash and sterilise clipper blades.
– Clipper brush, with firm bristles to help remove hair.

NB. Does not include clipper blades

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