Sensei 7.5″ Neutral Grip Blending Scissor


37 Teeth Blender

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The Sensei 7.5″ neutral grip blending scissor allows you to create a look that appears to have grown into shape with no lines. This scissor also haves a unique feature whereby you can comb out with the blades in any direction. This blender sits your hand in a neutral position to eliminate stress on your hand, wrist and shoulder, allowing you to lower your elbow.

The dual cutting position allows you to put your thumb in the right position every time.

Watch this video to see how effective the Sensei 7.5″ blender is..

Thinning Shears demo by Cheryl Purcell

– Cryogenically tempered blades
– Anatomic thumb for better support
– Leaf spring tension system
– Convex edges for stay sharp
– Forged Japanese steel
– Duralite 440c stainless steel
– Work safe crane handle
– Neutral grip
Size: 7.5″ 37 teeth

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